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Rocky Point Mexico News May 2010

Valued friends, family and clients,

This month we have for you some great information that we hope you will enjoy!

  • Memorial Day - Humbling reminder of our great freedom and the price paid.
  • Best deals as well as what has sold and market stats!   
  • Links to all you might need in Rocky Point!

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Memorial Day

Freedom is not free and it never will be which makes it so amazingly valuable - may we all live the good life because of those that are serving now and those from the past that have given us that right.


Civil War 630,000 American Soldiers died

World War I - 116,516 / World War II - 406,000 / Korean War - 33,741

Vietnam - 58,929 / Gulf War 4,283 as of January 2009

Let us celebrate this weekend by enjoying time with family at the beach or in the backyard barbequing because we can thanks to the soldiers of the Department of Defense.

For those that have come before as well as those currently serving our great country - Thank you for my freedom.

Branden Mackenzie

RE/MAX Owner

Army 2/7th Infantry

Smoking deals and real estate stats in Rocky Point Mexico!

Below are the absolute best condo, home and lot deals in Rocky Point Mexico.

Condos, homes and lots!- Automatic notifier Click here!
1 bedroom Pinacate - $99,000 - best value at Pinacate! 
1 bedroom Princesa - $94,500 - lowest priced 1 bedroom on Sandy Beach

2 bedroom at the Sonoran Sea - penthouse with garage - $249,000

2 bedroom Bella Sirena - $209,000 lowest priced 2 bedroom
2 bedroom Diamante Las Palomas $159,000 Lowest 2 bedroom in front building!

Beachfront home in Playa Encanto - $329,000 - Best beach in Rocky Point! 
Beachfront two lot package in Las Conchas $595,000 ( held in two LLCs )

What has sold recently

  • 2 bedroom in the Sonoran Spa for $158,000.00
  • 3 bedroom at the Sonoran Spa for $241,000.00
  • 1 bedroom at the Princesa for $85,000.00
  • 2 bedroom at Bella Sirena for $189,900.00
  • Beach Front Home in las Conchas $741,000 
  • Esmeralda 3 bedroom Sold $390,000
  • 2 - 3 bedrooms sold in Sonoran Sun under 300k
  • 1 bedroom at the Sea Sold under 140k
  • Privada 2 bedroom Sold furnished with garage at $437,000.00

Market stats - For April 2010

  • Active listings 620
  • Sales in April 13  So far in May - 12
  • Sold to list ratio 80.4%
  • Days on the Market is averaged 298
  • Months of investory ( Buyers Market ) 56.79

The masses see this as a sign to hold while investors are making aggressive offers and buying. Now is the time!                           Automatic notifier - Rocky Point Listings by Email

Links to all your Rocky Point needs!

It's a great life in Rocky Point Mexico!

Branden Mackenzie

RE/MAX Owner

US Cell 602-300-5214

Office 602-334-4359 

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