Newsletter August 2016

Amazing we are already in August... where did the year go!
RE/MAX Rocky Point MX
By the way we are fortunate to enjoy Mexico and the US. We believe that is also what it means to be American.

Topics for this month

A. What to do in Rocky Point, Paddleboarding
B. Quick Links to your favorite areas
C. Great Services in Rocky Point
  • Portugal Insurance
  • Grout Doctor, Tile service
D. Choose your Identity Video - Peter Sage brilliant mind.
E. Sold receltly in Rocky Point
F. august Events in RP
G. For your Arizona Real Estate - contact Grant Mackenzie Jr.



Is exciting, challenging, and balance testing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding – and it’s now in Puerto Peñasco! With origins in Hawaii, in recent years, SUP has attracted surf enthusiasts  from beaches hugging far coasts, rivers, and lakes to popular hot spots in Mexico including Los Cabos and now Rocky Point. Whereas with surfing you need some waves, in all reality Stand Up Paddleboarding can be done on any body of water (though admittedly calm waters to begin with is a plus). Gliding atop the surface, paddle in hand, combines aspects of surfing and, well, kayaking, into an adrenaline filled experience of nearly walking across the water. 

Contact Information
Ramon Hernandez
Cell Phone 638-109-1309
Starting Prices from $25.00 USD

For more information - Click here!



Las Palmas - Las Palomas - Princesa - Las Gaviotas - Pinacate - Esmeralda

Puerta Privada - Encanto Living - Luna Blanca Costa Diamante

Other Beach Areas

Las Conchas - Playa Encanto - Playa La Jolla -Mirador  Sandy Beach

Detailed Search - Automatic updates on new listings


Portugal Insurance

One concern I do not have is insurance. We have lived here for over 10 years and as you can imagine we have had a few fender benders. When we needed help the Portugals have been absolutely awesome in supporting us through the process. Sure in life we have things that come up and for some... I wonder who should I call but insurance here I good to go. 

Blvd. Fremont office and Blvd. Benito Juarez office
Telephone: 01-638-383-2390 Telephone: 383- 5900, 383- 5800

C.P. Alejandro Portugal Cruz

Exceptional, prompt and courteous service each and every time. We've been clients since 1979 and highly recommend Alejandro Portugal Insurance. 
Grant and Judy MacKenzie, home owners in Rocky Point for 38 years


Best Tile Company

Being in real estate for over 10 years here in Rocky Point I have seen some amazing condos and homes. At the same time I have seen some that ... if they would just clean the grout and buff the floors it would completely change the look and feel of the property. Now we have someone - the Grout Doctor. If interested in a quote give them a call for a free estimate.


I have been doing a great deal of research - learning from a brilliant mind Peter Sage. I have never used brilliant mind but I am so very impressed with this mans thought process. Not his success by means of cars or his home or anything other than his ability to live life with a mindset far more advanced than mine. Hope you enjoy this video - it goes deep and a bit much at first but by half way it really starts to bring meaning to identity and labels. 
Click in the image below to watch video


Not sure about you but beyond what is for sale I am always interested... curious to review what has recently been taken advantage of.



Aug 4 Connection Club @4:00 pm - Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Aug 6 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 9 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 9 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm - Puerto Viejo Cafe
Aug 11 Connection Club @4:00 pm - Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Aug 13 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 16 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 16 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm - Puerto Viejo Cafe
Aug 18 Connection Club @4:00 pm - Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Aug 20 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 23 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 23 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm - Puerto Viejo Cafe
Aug 25 Connection Club @4:00 pm - Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Aug 27 Salsa Festival All Day @ Malecon Fundadores in the Old Port
Aug 27 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 30 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
Aug 30 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm - Puerto Viejo Cafe
For more information - Click here!

G. GRANT MACKENZIE JR. RE/MAX Platinum Living Arizona

For all your Phoenix and Scottsdale Real Estate needs contact someone you can trust. Call Grant MacKenzie Jr. for more information be it buying, selling and or leasing - believe me you are in good hands!
Grant N. MacKenzie
RE/MAX Platinum & RE/MAX Legacy

CLIENT REVIEW - if you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling I have here to help!
Testimonials PageClick here!
"Everyone we have interacted with in your office has been nothing but considerate, professional and have exceeded our expectations. Be assured we will recommend the MacKenzie Team to our friends and family who may want to become our neighbors in Rocky Point!" - Diana & Sal.
"The real surprise though came from the outstanding service the rest of your team provided. They were all professional, courteous and responsive throughout the entire process. Kudos your entire team! We would recommend your services to anyone " - Larry & Jen.
"Georgia and I would like to thank your staff for all the assistance  and support shown to us in the process of purchasing a home in Playa Encanto. Our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely and positive manner. You all went beyond your responsabilities to assure the entire sale, from start to end, proceeded with expediency and clarity. Thanks again to you and your very gracious and accomodating staff"    - Dennis & Georgia.

Hope you all enjoyed this months newsletter! 
If you or someone you know is interested in Rocky Point I am here to help!

Right people for the right reasons at the right time!!
RE/MAX Legacy Rocky Point
O. (USA) 602 334 4359
O. (MEX) 011 52 638 383 1424
“Work Hard in Silence, let Success be your Noise" - Frank Ocean



Imagine the year is 2007 condos are peaking at $450,000 for 2 bedrooms on Sandy Beach. I am talking with some gentlemen out infront of the office an one says," wish I would have bought in 2002 when 2 bedrooms where $200K". Now fast forward today 2012 - avg 2 bedroom on Sandy Beach $220,000! Last month was lower and we had more inventory
( priced right inventory )


Click here for MLS stats 

Low - $89,000  - Avg $220,425

For more information - best values, rentals ( 2 bd at Bella $75.00 a night ) and more 

Give us a call 602-334-4359 or Contact us!


Click on your favorite resort or area to see the best values!
For more information - best values, rentals ( 2 bd at Bella $75.00 a night ) and more 

Give Us a call at 602-334-4359 or Contact Us!

Sold since October 15th 2012

Click here!

Be it you or someone you know looking to buy, sell or come down for a weekend just know we would appreciate the chance to serve you. We are not the biggest company in town but we believe in our value to you. 

From one of my valued clients

Branden MacKenzie has given us the best service we have ever received from a realtor.  During our purchase he became not only our right hand but our good friend.  Branden consistently went over and above the call to make sure that any of our concerns were immediately addressed and was very patient as I continued to send request after request for more information.  His replies were always timely and accompanied with good humor which allowed me to feel comfortable asking everything I wanted to know.  On several occasions Branden ran out to the unit on short notice and took lots of pictures for me of under sinks, on rooftops, everything I could ask.  How does somebody get comfortable buying a piece of real estate in a foreign country?  They hire somebody who knows the ropes, cares about the project as well as the people and anticipates their needs.  We foumd all of that and more with Branden.  Once our property had been selected Branden turned us over into Reyna's capable hands.  Reyna was great at providing complete and detailed cost breakdowns and projections for every expense that we would incur.  Her attention to detail and ability to communicate all of the differences between United States and Mexican real estate law were invaluable.  She was very patient as I worked to wrap my head around the nature of the purchase/Trust/LLC deal.  I cannot thank them enough for helping us to make our dream a reality and for befriending us at the same time.
Cannon, Susan & Jacob Wood
Paradise in Penasco

For more information on our value to you - please Contact Us - We would appreciate it!
It's a good life in Rocky Point!
Branden MacKenzie
RE/MAX Rocky Point
602-300-5214 US Cell 044-638-112-0363 MX Cell
602-334-4359 US Number 638-383-1425 Mexico Number
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 Call RE/MAX Rocky Point Mexico Today!

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638-383-1425 MX
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RE/MAX Legacy Puerto Penasco
O. (USA) 602 334 4359
O. (MEX) 011 52 638 383 1424
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