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Coastal Highway to Rocky Point Mexico

Just returned from San Diego California and what a trip it was taking the new coastal highway to Rocky Point Mexico. It was awesome and we have a ton of pictures from start to finish. We left mid day leaving Rocky Point Mexico in route to San Diego California for a Buffini and Company conferance ( which was beyond awesome ) returning Tuesday night with no problems what so ever and the trip was quick.

I will go into detail from start to finish on the Coastal highway to Rocky Point Mexico and from San Diego California in the next week but for now here are just some of the pictures.

From Rocky Point you will leave town heading north on Highway 8 also known as Blvd Jaurez. Shortly outside of town you will see a turn off to the left for Laguna Shores and Laguna Del Mar. Take this road heading west that will eventually run into a turn off for the Coastal Highway on the right in route to El Gulfo De Santa Clara.

More to follow tomorrow -

Enjoy and give us a call if you would like tips on how to make the trip more enjoyable.

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Theres even a good ol Mcdonalds on the way!

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