Buyer closing cost in Rocky Point Mexico

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                                           Puerto Peñasco. Sonora. México
Buyer and Seller Closing costs disclosure   
Real Estate commission plus 11% IVA x 
Capital Gains (29%) x 
Capital Gains Tax advisor fee  x 
Legal/Escrow Service   (flat $950)  x
Property taxes (pro-rated .3%-.6% appx.)  xx
Title Search ($500 if applicable) Plus15% IVA   x
Title Insurance (appx. $7 per $1000 assessed value - if applicable)  x
Bank trust New ($2,500-$3,035)  x
Bank trust transfer ($1,500-$1,700)  x
Bank Administration fee ($375-$575 charged yearly)  x
Notary Fee (1% of sales price Minimum $1,500.00)  x
Private Contract ($1300)  x
Certificate of no Liens/Encumbrances ($80)  x
City Transfer tax (2%)  x
Public Registry (.05%)  x
Appraisal ($450-$650 appx.)  x
**Federal Maritime Zone tax - STRUCTURES (appx. 0.28 per m2 in FMZ)  x
**Federal Maritime Zone tax - No STRUCTURES (appx. 0.0853 per m2 in FMZ) x 
Documents translation fee ($250 appx.) x 
IVA tax on services (10%) xx
Association Fees (pro-rated) xx
Facilitation fee ($1,500 min.) For properties without current Title x 
**Beachfront only.   
*Note all fees are approximate.   

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